Saturday, September 19, 2009

Human Beings Are Both Easily Entertained and Casually Cruel

Poodle Bitch discovered this video on yahoo's main page. Naturally, she is appalled.

The reader will note that the video, nearly a full minute in length, features an adorable French bulldog pup struggling to get to his feet. He rocks back and forth on a hard, cold tile floor, all the while being filmed by a cruel human who- rather than help him to his feet- is content to let the pup continue to rock as he films the entire humiliating experience.

Poodle Bitch wonders at the casual cruelty displayed in this video.

The person holding the camera is telling the pup, "You are merely an objet d'amusement. You may remain, as long as you entertain your humans." Poodle Bitch does not wish to seem melodramatic, but this video represents a subtle form of psychological torture. She shudders to think of what is in store for this pup, as he grows into full doghood.

And, even removing the cruelty angle, she wonders why it is that any human would find it entertaining to watch a dog, even an adorable pup dog, rock back and forth for a full minute.

Of course, Poodle Bitch is also at a loss to explain the popularity of LOLCats.

Poodle Bitch would also like to note the misleading title. "French Bulldog Rolls Over," it is called. However, at no point does the French bulldog (pup) "roll over." The French bulldog spends nearly a full minute struggling to roll over, while a venal human gleefully films it all, for the entertainment of humans made complicit in the cruelty it represents.

Shame on yahoo, for putting this horribleness on your main page.