Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poodle Bitch Hopes Jon Gosselin Can Find Some Support in What is a Trying Time for Him

Poodle Bitch is appalled by the behavior of reality television character Jon Gosselin. This is not new, but neither is it a regular occurrence; Poodle Bitch has too much on her plate (tomato slices) to worry overmuch about the shenanigans of reality television characters. However, in the past, Poodle Bitch's appalled feeling revolved around Mr. Gosselin's treatment of his human companions (wife, girlfriends, children). Now, Poodle Bitch is appalled by his treatment of the family's dogs:

Jon Gosselin is sending his two German Shepherd's back to the breeder as part of the fallout from his divorce from Kate.
Now, Shoka and Nala, the family dogs are being discarded and Jon has been telling pals it's Kate's fault because she won't take care of them when he's not at the house.

Ah, yes, of course it is Kate Gosselin's fault that two fabulously wealthy reality television characters cannot spare a few dollars a month to hire someone to feed and water their two German Shepherds when one or the other of them is away hosting The View or cavorting with Star magazine editors.

Poodle Bitch truly feels for Mr. Gosselin in what is certainly a trying time for him. If only he had two companions who would provide him with unconditional love and affection, no matter how boorishly he behaved.

Jon and discarded German shepherds picture source.

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