Monday, September 7, 2009

Poodle Bitch is Unimpressed with the Dog Who Sneezes on Command

Poodle Bitch was on yahoo's main page this morning, and came upon a link about a dog that can sneeze on command. Naturally, she had to click through and take a look at this fascinating canine achievement. Here is what she saw:

Are you impressed by that? If you were not, then why not?

Is it because the dog does not, as promised by the video's title, "Sneeze on Command 3 Times in a Row!"? Poodle Bitch counted a mere two sneezes.

Is it because the dog Harry appears to be responding with barks before the sneezes? Poodle Bitch suspects that Harry can tell, based on his companion's tone of voice and body language (language to which, Poodle Bitch notes with some suspicion [see below], the viewer is not made privy), that she wants him to do something. But what that something is, he seems not to know. And why should he even suspect that it is a sneeze she is going for? Only a human would find that in any way interesting.

(Poodle Bitch wonders how many humans realize that sneezing is, for some dogs, the "default cute" action in the dog's attention-grabbing arsenal?)

Is it because the viewer cannot see the dog's companion, and cannot see the allergen that she is holding in her hand?

Poodle Bitch wishes Harry the dog and his companion the best of luck in all future endeavors.

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