Friday, September 18, 2009

RE: "Miracle Cat" Smoka: Poodle Bitch is Dubious

Smoka is an Ohio cat who supposedly survived for 26 days buried under rubble. That is according to the headline.

The last time Sandy LaPierre saw her cat, Smoka, was on Aug. 9 when a fire ripped through the apartment building where she lived in Franklin, Ohio.
LaPierre and the community are now stunned that Smoka has been found a whopping 26 days after the disaster. The lucky feline was discovered Sept. 4 when a crew came to clean up rubble at the site of three-story building and one of the workers spotted the cat's head under a pile of rubble.

Poodle Bitch is always surprised by what can stun humans. A cat playing in the debris of a damaged building?


And, why is 26 days considered a "whopping" number, Poodle Bitch would like to know. That is not even a full month. Even February has 28 days. That is plenty of time for a cat to scavenge. Poodle Bitch has heard of cats leaving home for months at a time, and returning only after their desire to catch their own food has waned.

"We was digging through it and we found that cat 16 feet underneath the debris pile, in the burnt ashes and wood," Clarence Witte, owner of Stark Wrecking Company tells PEOPLE Pets. "And we had already done run over the top of it a dozen times with the excavator — and that thing weighs about 40,000 pounds. I don’t know how that cat survived underneath all that stuff."

As for the above quote, Poodle Bitch hardly knows where to start. She will spare Mr. Witte the grammar lesson and instead focus on the content of his statement. He claims to have found the cat 16 feet beneath a debris pile, in ashes and wood- a debris pile that had been run over multiple times by "the excavator" (Poodle Bitch had to look that up on wikipedia- she had seen the machines before, but had always thought they were called "those construction devices") that weighs 40,000 pounds.

The implication is that, per the article's title,

Amazing Discovery! Smoka the Cat Survives 26 Days Buried Under Rubble

Poodle Bitch doesn't want to rain on anyone's burned-out building, but she would like to note that there is absolutely no proof whatosever that Smoka the cat was buried under rubble for 26 days.

There is instead the statement of one semi-literate man who found a cat playing in a debris pile.

Poodle Bitch is a bit perturbed by the scam this cat is attempting. No doubt Smoka saw that the apartment was on fire and, rather than help her human companion (as Poodle Bitch herself would have done), Smoka then ran out, leaving her human companion to the mercy of the terrifying flames as she herself went out (you'll pardon the expression, but Poodle Bitch cannot resist) tomcatting.

And she nearly had her story featured on the Today Show, Poodle Bitch has found.

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, a producer from the “Today Show” called Dennie Fitzgerald ... and invited him and Smoka, who survived 26 days buried under rubble from a Franklin fire, to appear on the show.

But a few hours later, the producer rescinded the offer, citing Friday’s eighth anniversary of 9/11.

Poodle Bitch notes that this article casually repeats the unproven allegation that the cat "survived 26 days buried under rubble." She would like to have more than just the word of the construction worker and the companion of the cat. Specifically, Poodle Bitch would like video footage of all 26 days in question.

Or, she would like to question Smoka herself. Poodle Bitch can tell when a cat is lying.

A cat is lying most of the time.

However, Poodle Bitch does consider it poor form to invite someone onto your program, and then rescind the offer only a few hours later. Most especially given the reason cited. She wonders if the "eighth anniversary of 9/11" snuck up on this producer.

She also wonders if perhaps the producer wasn't being dishonest about the reason for the cancellation. Is it possible that someone at the Today Show thought, "Wait- we have no proof that this cockamamie story is actually true! We can't have this cat on our show!"?

Somehow, Poodle Bitch is dubious.

The humans might be, but Poodle Bitch is not fooled by Smoka the cat.

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