Wednesday, August 26, 2009

But What do the Toys Have to do with the Breasts, Poodle Bitch Would Like to Know

Poodle Bitch was innocently searching the internet today when she came upon this website (which, Poodle Bitch hastens to warn the reader, is extremely unsafe for work), where she discovered the work of artist David Choe, who has given his carved wooden creatures the rather provocative title "Tater T*ts." Given said title, Poodle Bitch assumes it was an obvious choice to pose them between the pendulous mammary glands of human women.

But Poodle Bitch is left scratching her head as to the reason for this. She understands that "sex sells," but what exactly is being sold here? Poodle Bitch was unable to find any way to purchase the toys, and the message with the photos is inscrutable:

All three wood toys , that i made ,here on display for your viewing pleasure, nipples not included.
each one hand crafted, and hand painted, all toys have spinning changing faces.

Very well, Poodle Bitch says. You got her to your website. But now that she's there, what have you got for her? There seems to be nothing at your store that is anything like the dolls, or the breasts.

Still, Poodle Bitch has to say she likes this more than "LOLCats."


oliviakate. said...

I am beyond baffled.

Poodle Bitch said...

Poodle Bitch, too, is confused. She understands for what breasts are used, and she understands for what toys are used.

She does not understand the connection between the two.